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CCNA MCQ question

    1.)    Which protocol working at the Transport layer provides a connectionless service between hosts?
A.      IP
B.      ARP
C.      UDP
D.      TCP
   2.)    If a host broadcasts a frame that includes a source and destination hardware address, and its  purpose is to assign IP address to itself, which protocol at the network layer does the host use?
A.      RARP
B.      ARP
C.      ICMP
D.      IPX
    3.)    What is the valid host range the IP address is a part of?
A.) through
B.) through
C.) through
D.) through

   4.)   How many bytes is an Ethernet address?
A.      4
B.      32
C.      6
D.      48

    5.)   Frame relay technique is _____ ?
A.      Circuit switching
B.      Message switching
C.      Connection oriented packet switching
D.      Hybrid switching

    6.)   In OSI model which layer provide end-to-end connectivity?
a.)    Data link layer
b.)    Transport layer
c.)     Network layer
d.)    Application layer

    7.)   Which protocol deals with emails?
a.)    FTP
b.)    Telnet
c.)     SMTP
d.)    Groper

   8.)   In OSI model CRC function is operate on  _________ layer?
a.)    Presentation layer
b.)    Session layer
c.)     Data link layer
d.)    Transport layer
    9.)    _____ PDU format of data link layer?
a.)    Frame
b.)    segment
c.)     Data
d.)    packet

   10.)  When  a PC is connected to a layer 2  switch port, how far does the collision domain spread?
a.)    No collision domain exists.
b.)    Base on vlan
c.)     One switch port
d.)    All port on the switch

   11.)  What does a switch do if a MAC address cannot be found in the CAM table?
a.)    The frame is forwarded to the default port.
b.)    The switch generates an ARP request for the address
c.)     The switch floods the frame out all port
d.)    The Switch drops the frame.

   12.)  Which catalyst IOS command can you use to display the address in the CAM table?
a.)    Show cam
b.)    Show mac
c.)     Show mac address-table
d.)    Show cam address-table

  13.)  What type of cable should you use to connect node to router for connectivity purpose it using Fast Ethernet port?
a.)    Rollover cable
b.)    Cross over cable
c.)     Straight-through cable
d.)     Console cable

  14.)  ________ IEEE standard of RSTP?
a.)    IEEE 802.1d
b.)    IEEE 802.1s
c.)     IEEE 802.1w
d.)    IEEE 802.1R

  15.)  How many number of VLAN we can create manually?
a.)    1 to 1001
b.)    2 to 1000
c.)     2 to 1001
d.)    1 to 1000

   16.)  Which command use to set trunk mode of switch port?
a.)    Switch(config-subif)# Switchport mode trunk
b.)    Switch(config)# Switchport mode trunk
c.)     Switch(config-if)# Switchport mode trunk
d.)    Switch# Switchport mode trunk

   17.)  A router has two fastethernet interface and needs to connect to four VLANs in the local network. How can you accomplish this task, using the fewest physical interfaces and without decreasing network performance?
a.)    Use a hub to connect the four VLANs with a fast Ethernet interface on the router.
b.)    Add a second router to handle the VLAN traffic.
c.)     Add two more fastethernet interfaces.
d.)    Implement a ROAS configuration.

    18.)  What is cost of 1Gbps Ethernet link?
a.)    2
b.)    4     
c.)     19  
d.)    100

    19.)  How many convergence time period of switch port in RSTP topology?
a.)    50
b.)    40
c.)     30
d.)    10

    20.)  Which command is use to set protect violation mode in port security?
a.)    Switch(config)# Switchport port-security violation protect
b.)    Switch(conifg-router)# Switchport port-security violation protect
c.)     Switch# Switchport port-security violation protect
d.)    None of above

    21.)  Which of these protocols dynamically negotiates trunking parameters?
a.)    PAgP
b.)    STP
c.)     CDP
d.)    DTP

   22.)  Which one of  the following is needed for VTP  communication?
a.)    A Management VLAN
b.)    An Access VLAN
c.)     AN IP address
d.)    All of above

   23.)  Which of the following is a valid Etherchannel negotiation mode combination between two switches?
a.)    PAgP auto , PAgP auto
b.)    PAgP auto , PAgP desirable
c.)     On, PAgP auto
d.)    LACP passive, LACP passive

   24.)  Which multicast address support by RIPv1 ?
d.)    None of above

   25.)  A network technician want to make connectivity with network and he use static route, than which command his fire on router ?
a.)    Router# ip route <exit interface>
b.)    Router(config)# ip route <exit interface>
c.)     Router(config)# ip route <exit interface>
d.)    None of above

    26.)  Can we disable auto-summarization in EIGRP?
a.)    Yes
b.)    No

   27.)  You are work as a Network engineer, you want to make manually summarization of following network :
                Which address you use as a summary address?

   28.)  170 administrative distance value have ________?
a.)    Internal EIGRP
b.)    Summary EIGRP
c.)     Parameter EIGRP
d.)    External EIGRP

   29.)  EIGRP support three table, choose the correct options:
a.)    Neighbor table
b.)    Routing table
c.)     Topology table
d.)    All of above

   30.)  EIGRP send hello message after every ______ second.
a.)    3 second
b.)    5 second
c.)     10 second
d.)    30 second

   31.)  Which table is NOT maintained by a link-state routing protocol?
a.)    Routing
b.)    Topology
c.)     Update
d.)    Neighbor

   32.)  Which criterion does OSPF use to determine the best path from source to destination?
a.)    Lowest delay
b.)    Lowest cost
c.)     Highest bandwidth
d.)    All of above

   33.)  Which algorithm used by EIGPR, RIP and OSPF?
a.)    Bellmon-ford, DUAL and Dijkstra
b.)    DUAL, Dijkstra and Bellmon-Ford
c.)     DUAL, Bellmon-Ford and Dijkstra
d.)    All of above

   34.)  If OSPF router have network which operate in area 1, which network command use to advertisement it.
a.)    Router(config)# network  area 1
b.)    Router(config-router)# network area 1
c.)     Router(config-router)# network area 1
d.)    Router(config-if)# network area 1

   35.)  Which type of Network support by OSPF?
a.)    Point-to-Point Network
b.)    Point-to-Multipoint Network
c.)     Non-broadcast-Multicast Network
d.)    All of above

   36.)  ASBR stand for _____________?
a.)    Area system broadcast router
b.)    Autonomous system border router
c.)     Auto system border router
d.)    Area system border router

   37.)  OSPF point-to-point network have DRs and BDRs router ?
a.)    Yes
b.)    No

  38.)  Which destination IP address does OSPF use when advertising to all internal ospf router?
d.)    None

   39.)  Which IP address range is reserve for private use in class B?
a.) –
b.) –
c.)  --
d.)  ---

   40.)  CIDR stand for ___________?
a.)    Class inter-domain routing
b.)    Class intermediator domain routing
c.)     Classless inter-domain routing
d.)    None of above

   41.)  Which class is reserve for multicasting?
a.)    Class E
b.)    Class D
c.)     Class C
d.)    Class F

   42.)  You need to subnet a network that has 5 subnets, each with at least 16 hosts. Which classful subnet mask would you use?

   43.)  If an Ethernet port on a router were assigned IP address of, what would be the valid subnet address of this host?

   44.)  You have an interface on a router with the IP address of Including the router interface, how many host can have IP addresses on the LAN attached to the router interface?
a.)    6
b.)    8
c.)     30
d.)    32

   45.)   The Network address of provides how many subnets and hosts?
a.)    7 subnets, 30 host each
b.)    8 subnets,  8190 host each
c.)     8 subnets, 2046 host each
d.)    7 subnets, 2046 host each

   46.)  You need to configure a server that is on the subnet  The router has the first available host address. Which of the following should you assign to the serve?

   47.)  On a VLSM network, which mask should you use on point-to-point WAN links in order to reduce the waste of IP address?
a.)    /27
b.)    /28
c.)     /29
d.)    /30

   48.)  To test the IP stack on your local host, Which IP address would you ping?

   49.)  A National retail chain needs to design an IP addressing scheme. The company need a minimum of 300 sub-network and a maximum of 50 host addresses per subnet. Working with only one class B address, which of the following subnet mask will support an appropriate addressing scheme?

   50.)  What is the sub network address for a host with the IP address
d.)    None of above

   51.)  When you are logged into a switch, which prompt indicates that you are in privileged mode?
a.)    %
c.)     Config#
d.)    #

   52.)  Which command is used to copy the configuration from RAM into NVRAM?
a.)    Copy running-config startup-config
b.)    Copy startup-config: running-config
c.)     Copy running config: startup config
d.)    Write terminal

   53.)  A cisco router is booting and has just completed the POST process. It is now ready to find and load an IOS image.  What function does the router perform next?
a.)    It check the configuration register
b.)    It attempts to boot from a TFTP server
c.)     It loads the first image file in flash memory
d.)    It inspects the configuration file in NVRAM for boot instructions

   54.)  CIR stand for ________  ?
a.)    Committed interchange range
b.)    Committed information rate
c.)     Committed interface rate
d.)    Common interface range

   55.)  SNMP stand for _______ ?
a.)    Single network management protocol
b.)    Simple network management protocol
c.)     Single network
d.)    Simple network monitoring protocol

   56.)  In network environment SMTP server is operate on network. If you want to block    SMTP service for host using ACL, which command you use?
a.)    Access-list 14 deny host host eq 25
b.)    Access-list 110 deny tcp host host eq 25
c.)     Access-list 101 deny tcp host host eq 25
d.)    Access-list 101 deny host host eq 25

   57.)   What are three values that must be the same within a sequence of packets for Netflow to consider them a network flow? (choose three)
a.)    Source ip addres
b.)    Source mac address
c.)     Egress interface
d.)    Ingress interface
e.)    Destination ip address
f.)     Ip next-hope

   58.)  What is a valid HSRP virtual MAC address?
a.)    0000.5E00.01A3
b.)    0007.B400.AE01
c.)     0000.0c07.AC15
d.)    0000.5e00.b301

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