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     1.)    Which routing protocol include in EGP category ?
a.)    EIGRP
b.)    IS-IS
c.)     OSPF
d.)    BGP

     2.)    Which routing method break the routing loop?
a.)    Auto-summarization
b.)    Split-horizon
c.)     Dis-continue network
d.)    All of above

    3.)    Which hope count number considered to be infinite by RIP.
a.)    5
b.)    10
c.)     15
d.)    16

    4.)    Which update used by EIGRP ?
a.)    Periodic update
b.)    Partial update
c.)     Trigger update
d.)    None of above

   5.)    Which type of session created by BGP?
a.)    Anycast
b.)    Broadcat
c.)     Unicast
d.)    Multicast

   6.)    Which multicast prefix used by IPv6?
a.)    Ff00::/2
b.)    Ff00::/8
c.)     Ff02::/2
d.)    Ff02::/8

   7.)    Which of the following is helpful to allow an IPv6 host to learn the IP address of a default gateway on its subnet?
a.)    Stateful DHCP
b.)    Stateless RS
c.)     Stateless autoconfiguration
d.)    Neighbor Discovery protocol

   8.)    Which command is enable IPv6 routing packet on router?
a.)    IPv6 route packet
b.)    IPv6 unicast packet
c.)     IPv6 unicast-routing
d.)    IPv6 unicast routing

   9.)    How many hex available in IPv6 single quarter?

a.)    8
b.)    4
c.)     2
d.)    16

v10.)  Which IPv6 address is reserve for site-local address?
a.)    Ffo2::/8
b.)    2000::/3
c.)     Fec0::/10
d.)    Fe80::/10

   11.)  In IPv6 which prefix value is called as a site prefix/global routing prefix?
a.)    /64
b.)    /16
c.)     /48
d.)    /32

   12.)  EUI stand for ________ ?

a.)    Extended user interface
b.)    Extended unique interface
c.)     Extended user indentify
d.)    None of above

   13.)  Which multicast address use by router solicitation in DHCPv6 process?
a.)    Ff02::2
b.)    Ff02::1
c.)     Ff02::8
d.)    Ff02::16

   14.)  Which multicast address used by RIPng?
a.)    Ff02::5
b.)    Ff02::1
c.)     Ff02::9
d.)    Ff02::10

    15.)   Dual stack approach refers to _____?
a.)    Implementing IPv4 with 2 stack
b.)    Implementing IPv6 with 2 stack
c.)     Node has both IPv4 and IPv6 support
d.)    None of above

    16.)  Which IPv6 address reserved for 6to4 tunneling method?

a.)    2002::/8
b.)    2002::/32
c.)     2002::/16
d.)    2002::/48

    17.)  Which of the following is true when describing an anycast address?
a.)    Packets addressed to a unicast address are delivered to a single interface.
b.)    Packets are delivered to all interfaces identified by the address. This is also called one-to-many address.
c.)     This address identifies multiple interface and the anycast packet is only delivered to one address. This address can also be called one-to-one-to-many.
d.)    These address are meant for nonrouting purpose.

   18.)  A router has been configured with the commands router eigrp 9  and network No other EIGRP related commands have been configured. Which answer list an IP address/prefix length that would cause the router to enable EIGRP on fastethernet 0/0?


   19.)  Which command is manually disable split-horizon method in EIGRP router on serial 1/0 interface?

a.)    Interface serial 0/1
No ip split-horizon ospf 1

b.)    Interface serial 1/0
No ip split-horizon eigrp 1

c.)     Interface serial 1/0
No split-horizon eigpr 1

d.)    All of above

   20.)  In EIGRP metric value k4 refer to _____?
a.)    Bandwidth
b.)    Delay
c.)     Load
d.)    MTU

   21.)  Your company is running IGRP using an AS of 10. You want to configure EIGRP on the network but want to migrate slowly to EIGRP and don’t want to configure redistribute. What command would allow you to migrate over time to EIGRP without configuring restribution?

a.)    Router eigrp 11
b.)    Router eigpr 10
c.)     Router eigrp 10
d.)    Router igrp combine 10

    22.)  Where are EIGRP successor routes stored?
a.)    In the routing table only
b.)    In the neighbour table only
c.)     In the topology table only
d.)    In the routing and topology table

   23.)  Which command will display all the EIGRP feasible successor routes known to a router?

a.)    Show ip routes *
b.)    Show ip eigrp summary
c.)     Show ip eigrp topology
d.)    Show ip eigrp adjacencies

   24.)  Which EIGRP information is held in RAM and maintained through the use of Hello and update packets?

1.)    Neighbor table
2.)    STP table
3.)    Topology table
4.)    DUAL table

a.)    2 only
b.)    4 only
c.)     1 and 3
d.)    All of above

   25.)  If you are configure EIGRP frame relay scenario in live field. You find out the split-horizon prevent to adjacency from endpoint to another endpoint. Than which think you apply on it.

a.)    Point-to-point topology
b.)    Point-to-multipoint topology
c.)     Manually disable split-horizon
d.)    All of above

    26.)  EIGRP frame relay create network type ______ ?

a.)    Point-to-point network
b.)    NBMA network
c.)     Broadcast network
d.)    Unicast network

    27.)  You want to prevent any interface don’t send own network information to another router, but it receive EIGRP adjacency, Which think you apply on it.

a.)    MD5 authentication
b.)    EIGRP passive interface
c.)     Change hello timer
d.)    All of above

   28.)  Which utility use to create a link between EIGRP routing and IP prefix-list?

a.)    Standard ACL
b.)    Extended ACL
c.)     Distribute list
d.)    Redistribute list

   29.)  EIGRP use AD value and algorithm ______?

a.)    DUAL and 110
b.)    DUAL and 115
c.)     DUAL and 170, 90
d.)    None of above

   30.)  Which type of OSPF network will elect a backup designated router?

a.)    Non-broadcast multi-access
b.)    Point-to-point
c.)     Broadcast multipoint
d.)    None of above

   31.)  You get a call from a network administrator  who tells you that he typed the following into his router:

Router(config)# router ospf 3

Router(config-router)# network area 0

He tell you he still can’t see any routes in the routing table. What configuration error did the administrator make?

a.)    The wildcard mask is incorrect.
b.)    The OSPF area is wrong
c.)     The ospf process ID is wrong
d.)    The network is incorrect.

   32.)  If routers in a single area are configured with the same priority value, what value does a router use for the OSPF router ID in the absence of a loopback interface?

a.)    The lowest IP address of any physical interface
b.)    The highest IP address of any physical interface
c.)     The lowest IP address of any logical interface
d.)    None of above

  33.)  Which command is use to view the OSPF LSA content?

a.)    Show ip ospf neighbour
b.)    Show ip ospf traffic
c.)     Show ip ospf database
d.)    Show ip ospf account

  34.)  Which protocol number used by OSPF?

a.)    TCP 89
b.)    UDP 89
c.)     Transport 89
d.)    TCP and UDP 89

   35.)  Which one of the following commands will place network into are 3?

a.)    Network area 0
b.)    Network area 3
c.)     Network area 3
d.)    Network area 3

   36.)  What are reasons for creating OSPF in a hierarchical design?

a.)    To decrease routing overhead
b.)    To speed up convergence
c.)     To confine network network instability to single areas of the network
d.)    All of above

   37.)  In OSPF scenario any one single area is not directly connected with backbone area. But organization requirement to make connectivity that areas to all another single area, which think you apply on it.

a.)    OSPF frame relay
b.)    OSPF virtual link
c.)     OSPF stub area
d.)    None of above

   38.)  Which is use of make OSPF totally stub-area?

a.)    Area 0 stub
b.)    Area 0 totally stub
c.)     Area 0 stub no-summary
d.)    Are 0 no-summary

   39.)  Which OSPF LSA type is considered as a ASBR summary LSA?

a.)    LSA type 2
b.)    LSA type 3
c.)     LSA type 4
d.)    LSA type 5

   40.)  NSSA stand for _____ ?

a.)    Non-so-standard area
b.)    Not-so-stub area
c.)     Not-so-stubby-area
d.)    All of above

   41.)  What is AD value of internal BGP?

a.)    20
b.)    200
c.)     177
d.)    178

   42.)  To create neighbourhood relationship, a router running BGP sends an _____ message.

a.)    Open
b.)    Update
c.)     Keep alive
d.)    Close

   43.)  Why we are use Route redistribution?

a.)    Mergers when different IGPs are used.
b.)    Mergers when the same IGP is used.
c.)     Different company division are under separate control for business or political reason.
d.)    All of above

     44.)  What command can be used to view the configuration of a key chain used by OSPF?

a.)    Show key chain
b.)    Show key-chain
c.)     Show authentication key chain
d.)    Show eigrp key chain

    45.)  Which of the following is not true regarding cisco IOS default setting for administrative distance?

a.)    EIGRP external : 90
b.)    OSPF internal : 110
c.)     RIP : 120
d.)    None of above

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