Friday, 26 August 2016

EIGRP - Part 3

EIGRP Metric value :

EIGRP select best path from source to destination base on its metric value and it is advanced distance vector protocol so is use highest bandwidth, minimum hope count and lowest cost as a metric value.

EIGRP calculate the metric value based on its least – bandwidth and its cumulative – delay. It use formulae: 


                   Least – bandwidth:  a lowest-bandwidth unit –kilobits per second.
                   Cumulative- delay:  a sum of all delay values with unit: - tens of microsecond

   It is by default formulae, we can manually calculate metric value based on five constants, called   K-value, which are represented in metric calculation formulae as constants k1, k2, k3, k4 and k5.

   k1 = Bandwidth (10000)
   k2 = Delay (10)
   k3 = Reliability (255)
   k4 = Load (1)
   k5 = MTU (1500)

We can check router's EIGRP metric value for using this command:

   router# show ip protocols
Also we can change manually metric value:
    router(config)# router eigrp 1
                under this prompt set its parameters.

EIGRP Router - ID

   1. EIGRP Router ID  32-bit, which represent in dotted decimal format.
   2. Each EIGRP  router determine its RID when EIGRP process starts using the some general rule:
              A. First use highest IPv4 address on loopback interface.
              B. Second it use highest IPv4  address on physical interface.

     we can set manually router ID:
           router(config-router)# eigrp router-id



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