Friday, 5 August 2016

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)

       Virtual Router Redundancy protocol

è         It is standard based alternative to HSRP defined in IETF standard RFC 2338.         
è         All VRRP operation is same as HSRP

è       VRRP provides one redundant gateway address from a group of routers. The active router is called the master router and another is backup state. The master router will is the one with the highest router priority in the VRRP group.

è      VRRP group numbers range from 0 to 255; router priorities range from 1 to 254 default is 100.

è      The virtual router MAC address is of the form 0000.5e00.01xx , where xx is a VRRp group no.

è    VRRP advertisement are sent at 1 second intervals. Backup router optionally can learn the advertisement interval from the master router.

è      By default, all VRRP routers configured to preempt the current master router if their priorities are greater.

VRRP send its advertisements to the multicast destination address using IP protocol 112. It not support on switch platforms

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