Saturday, 6 August 2016

Split Horizon and Poison Reverse concept

Split Horizon

If a router receives a set of route advertisements on a particular interface, RIP determines that those advertisements do not need to be retransmitted out the same interface. This technique, called split horizon. Limits the amount of RIP routing traffic by eliminating information that other neighbours on that interface have already learned.

Poison Reverse

The Poison reverse technique helps to optimize the transmission of routing information and improve the time to reach network convergence. If Router A learns about unreachable routes through one of its interfaces, it advertises those routes as unreachable (hope count of 16) out the same interface.

RIP periodically flooding the entire routing table out to the network, it generates a lot of traffic.
The Split horizon and poison reverse techniques can help reduce the amount of network traffic originated by RIP hosts and make the transmission of routing information more efficient

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